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virtual assistant

'Strive not to get more done, but to have less to do'
-Francine Jay

Keeping on top of administration work is an essential but often time consuming part of running a business.  It encompasses everything from answering customer enquiries on social media or email to creating glossy brochures for marketing or 100 page reports for clients.  At Clockwork Complete, we can offer the professional services you would access by having your own PA or Office Manager, without the commitment of a monthly salary and all of the associated overheads of staff employment.  


We can pick up the extra admin work you don't have time to handle with virtual assistant services, cover staff leave or represent your company as an integral part of your team with an executive PA service.  How we fit into your business is up to you.

We can offer help with:

  • Audio typing

  • Report writing

  • Presentations

  • Website Content

  • Proof Reading

  • Correspondence/Mailshots/Online Surveys

  • Data entry/ database management

  • Diary Management

  • Research

  • Event Planning

  • Customer Service Calls

  • Email Management

  • Social Media content

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